Roblox: Arsenal Codes Working (July 2024)

Roblox: Arsenal is a fast-paced, first-person shooter game that has captivated millions of players with its dynamic gameplay and wide variety of weapons. In Arsenal, players compete in intense matches, using different weapons to eliminate opponents and rack up points. The game’s engaging mechanics and regular updates make it a favorite among Roblox users.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of working Arsenal codes for July 2024. These codes can be redeemed for various in-game rewards, including skins, announcers, and more. We’ll also guide you on how to redeem these codes, explain how to play Arsenal, and suggest some similar games you might enjoy. Additionally, we’ll provide information about the developers and their social media presence to keep you updated with the latest news.

Working Arsenal Codes (July 2024)

Here are the latest working codes for Arsenal:

  1. POG – Redeem for 1,200 Bucks
  2. BLOXY – Redeem for Free Skin
  3. ROLVE – Redeem for Fanboy Skin
  4. KITTEN – Redeem for Koneko Announcer Voice
  5. EPRIKA – Redeem for Eprika Announcer Voice

How to Redeem Arsenal Codes

Redeeming codes in Arsenal is straightforward. Follow these steps to claim your rewards:

  1. Open Arsenal on Roblox.
  2. Click on the Twitter icon located on the main menu screen.
  3. Enter one of the working codes from the list above into the code redemption box.
  4. Click the Redeem button.
  5. Enjoy your rewards!

How to Play Arsenal

Arsenal is a competitive first-person shooter where the objective is to score points by eliminating opponents. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  1. Choose Your Mode: Select from various game modes, such as Standard, Competitive, and Gun Rotation.
  2. Join a Match: Enter a match and start playing. You will be given a random weapon at the beginning, which changes as you eliminate opponents.
  3. Eliminate Opponents: Use different weapons to eliminate other players and earn points.
  4. Reach the Goal: The first player to reach the set number of points wins the match.
  5. Customize: Use your earned Bucks to customize your character with different skins, announcers, and other items.

Best Similar Games to Arsenal

If you enjoy Arsenal, you might also like these similar games:

  1. Phantom Forces – A tactical first-person shooter with a variety of weapons and maps.
  2. Counter Blox – A team-based shooter inspired by the popular game Counter-Strike.
  3. Bad Business – A fast-paced shooter with a focus on customization and progression.
  4. Big Paintball – A fun, colorful shooter with paintball guns and various game modes.
  5. Island Royale – A battle royale game where players fight to be the last one standing.

About the Game

Arsenal is a thrilling first-person shooter game on Roblox that offers a unique and fast-paced experience. Players can compete in various game modes, using a wide range of weapons to eliminate opponents and score points. With regular updates, new content, and a dedicated community, Arsenal continues to be one of the most popular games on Roblox.

Arsenal FAQs

Q1: How can I get more Bucks in Arsenal?

A1: You can earn Bucks by playing matches, completing missions, and redeeming codes like POG.  

Q2: What are the different announcers in Arsenal?

A2: Announcers provide in-game commentary. Some popular ones include Koneko, Eprika, and John. You can unlock them by redeeming specific codes or purchasing them in the game.  

Q3: How often are new codes released for Arsenal?

A3: New codes are usually released during special events, updates, or milestones. Follow the developers on social media to get the latest codes.  

Q4: Can I play Arsenal with friends?

A4: Yes, you can join matches with friends, create private servers, and compete against each other.  

Q5: What are some tips for beginners in Arsenal?

A5: Focus on learning the maps, practice aiming, and switch weapons frequently to get used to different playstyles.

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